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Account ManagerAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
Business ControllerAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Channel Manager (Kaapstad)Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Channel OwnerAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Lead EditorAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Onze stages!Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
People & Culture ManagerAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
Social Media & Content StageAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
The Year Abroad ProgramAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Video Editor (South Africa, Cape Town)Kaapstad, Western Cape, South Africa
Video Producer Stagiair(e)Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
Visual Designer Stagiair(e)Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland


Our application process

So, you have found your vacancy with us and want to apply. What's next?

Step 1: 

Selection based on profile and/or personality description: We always check someone's CV or LinkedIn profile first, to get an idea of what they have been doing. But we also realize that sometimes this is just a list of tasks and degrees, and it doesn't always say everything. 

Step 2:

Phone Screening: Sometimes it is helpful, time-saving, and enlightening to make a phone call to a candidate first. Whether we do this will depend on how many candidates there are, how far along we are in the process with other candidates, or if we have some questions first to get a more complete picture.

Step 3:

First Meeting: An introductory meeting to......yes, get acquainted. Back and forth. Sometimes it's like a first date and that first click is crucial in determining if you want to see each other again. 

Step 4:

(possible) Assessment: Talking is fun and we think it's important, but seeing someone working at something provides very different information. That's why we sometimes include an assessment in our process. 

Step 5:

Second interview: In this second interview we would like to go into more depth. Talk about your vision, your added value and which specific competencies and experience you can bring and use.